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Babylon 5: Artifacts from Beyond the Rim

This book is amazing. No, it doesn’t have any actual scripts in it. What it does have are other amazing things that were found after all the other books were done. These amazing things include interviews, primarily with JMS from before The Gathering aired to The Legend of the Rangers. It includes interviews with Andreas Katsulas and Richard Biggs, possibly the last ones they did relating to B5. It includes notes for episodes that were never done. We have the original story notes for several episodes, including much of season 5. There are memos and notes for promotions, some of which were never seen. There are notes on the music, again at least one which was never seen. We’ve got Larry DiTillio’s character bible. We have some early artwork, mostly symbols and military patches and such. And we have the short write-up for the B5 movie that was never produced: The Memory of Shadows. Oh, and we get all of the four days of journal JMS actually kept while making B5. If you think your life is busy . . . Once again a must-have for fans!


Doctor Who Christmas Special (2008) The Next Doctor

It is Christmas Time again, and we are back in Victorian era. The Doctor is enjoying the festive atmosphere when someone calls out for the Doctor. Much to his surprise, another person shows up responding to that name, complete with a companion, Rosita. Failing to capture their quarry, the Doctor questions this other gentleman who at first glance seems to be a later incarnation of the Doctor. Only one problem – he is missing many crucial memories. The one thing this other Doctor is certain of is that the Cybermen did something. Indeed, the Cybermen are up to no good, plotting with a local lady to take over things. The two Doctors investigate the house of one of the victims. They see infostamps, Cybermen information storage, and the other Doctor remembers holding it when the Cybermen first attacked. The Cybermen attack now, and the other Doctor uses the infostamp to destroy it. The other Doctor takes our Doctor and Rosita to his Tardis, an air ship. Yep, at this point our Doctor is thinking this guy is not a real Doctor. This is indeed true. The Doctor says the Cyberman were able to get through dimensions while there were larger problems for him to deal with, and the first victim was Jackson Lake and his family. They killed his wife and stole his son before he used the infostamp to escape, but the discharge overwhelmed Jackson’s mind with information about the Doctor. They discover more children being captured. The Doctor returns the infostamp to the Cybermen so they know who the real Doctor is. Jackson uses another infostamp to destroy them. The lady helping the Cybermen is furious and tells them the CyberKing will rise. Jackson says the Cybermen attacked his home, so they investigate and find an underground area where children are being used to crate energy for the CyberKing. The Doctor, Rosita, and Jackson get them out of there. Jackson is relieved to find his son among them. The CyberKing emerges, and the Doctor uses the airship to confront it. He uses the infostamp to make the lady who was helping the Cybermen realize what she has done. She destroys herself and the CyberKing. The Doctor sends them back into the dimensional void before their fall can destroy London. Jackson invites the Doctor to have Christmas dinner with himself and his son.

Doctor Who Series 4 Episodes #12-13

The first episode is “The Stolen Earth”. Earth is not where it should be. The people of Earth, including Donna’s Family, Martha, Torchwood, and Sarah Jane, are worried. Oh, and Rose shows up. The Doctor is concerned too, so he takes Donna to the Shadow Proclamation – essentially an interstellar police force. It turns out that Earth is not the only planet missing – there are twenty-seven other planets, moons, etc. missing. Donna remembers how bees were missing last time they were on Earth, and the Doctor tracks the missing planets to a rift. Meanwhile, the Daleks are attacking Earth. They destroy the air-craft ship the Valiant and attack UNIT. It turns out that one Dalek managed to get into the Time Lock where the Time War was being fought and saved the Dalek’s creator Daveros, but at the cost of his sanity. Jack hides in a Torchwood underground bunker with two of his companions. Sarah Jane hides at home with her son. Martha escapes UNIT using transporter technology, and Rose finds Donna’s mother and Wilfred. Former prime minister Harriet Jones contacts them on a hidden channel. They use the channel to contact the Doctor, Sara Jane’s super computer providing the power and Torchwood opening the temporal rift we’ve seen before in London. The Daleks find and kill Harriet Jones, but not before the Doctor gets their signal. Davros traces the signal and has the Daleks attack Torchwood, but not before Jack leaves to find the Doctor. Davros also taunts the Doctor, but that doesn’t stop the Time Lord. The Tardis lands on Earth and Rose rushes to meet the Doctor, but he is shot by a Dalek who is in turn shot by Jack. They get the Doctor inside the Tardis where he begins to regenerate . . .

The second episode is “Journey’s End”. The Doctor manages to channel his regeneration energy into his hand. The Tardis is captured and brought to the Dalek flagship. The Doctor, Rose, and Jack leave the Tardis, but Donna is locked in. Donna touches the jar the hand is in and part of the energy goes into her. When she wakes up, there is another 10th Doctor . . . Jack is shot. Too bad the Daleks don’t know that Jack doesn’t die that easily. He meets up with Jackie and Mickey who have come after Rose and who have already linked up with Sarah Jane. They elude the Daleks and Jack makes some sort of bomb. Back at Torchwood, Jack’s friends hold of the Daleks until a time lock is activated which keeps them safe for the moment. Meanwhile, Martha is at an underground UNIT bunker and contacts three others . . . Rose and the Doctor are captured by the Daleks and brought before Daveros. The Daleks have invented a reality bomb which has the potential to destroy everything. It involves twenty-seven worlds being in perfect alignment. They test it. Then both Jack and his group and Martha call in threatening various sorts of bombs that can disrupt the plan. Too bad the Daleks telaport them to the main room in the flagship with the Doctor. That is when the Tardis appears again. The second Doctor and Donna come out. Daveros blasts them, but that activates the Time Lord knowledge that is now in Donna. She disables the reality bomb, the Daleks, and the Daveros. The two Doctors help her send all the planets back to where they should be. Before they can get Earth back, though, Daveros destroys the machine. It turns out that the crazy Dalek did foresee this, but was so horrified by what the Daleks have done that he decided to allow it. The first Doctor offers to save Daveros, but he refuses. The Doctor destroys the Dalek ships (knowing what they are capable of still) and the Tardis pulls Earth back to where it belongs with the help of Sarah Jane’s supercomputer and the rift in London. The Doctor drops Sarah-Jane off, and Mickey decides to go off with Jack and Martha. The Doctor takes Rose and Jackie back to the alternate dimension and leaves the second Doctor with them. By this time, Donna is becoming overwhelmed by Time Lord knowledge. The Doctor is forced to wipe him from her mind. He returns her to her home, where he warns her mother and Wilfred that she must never remember him.