Doctor Who Christmas Special (2008) The Next Doctor

It is Christmas Time again, and we are back in Victorian era. The Doctor is enjoying the festive atmosphere when someone calls out for the Doctor. Much to his surprise, another person shows up responding to that name, complete with a companion, Rosita. Failing to capture their quarry, the Doctor questions this other gentleman who at first glance seems to be a later incarnation of the Doctor. Only one problem – he is missing many crucial memories. The one thing this other Doctor is certain of is that the Cybermen did something. Indeed, the Cybermen are up to no good, plotting with a local lady to take over things. The two Doctors investigate the house of one of the victims. They see infostamps, Cybermen information storage, and the other Doctor remembers holding it when the Cybermen first attacked. The Cybermen attack now, and the other Doctor uses the infostamp to destroy it. The other Doctor takes our Doctor and Rosita to his Tardis, an air ship. Yep, at this point our Doctor is thinking this guy is not a real Doctor. This is indeed true. The Doctor says the Cyberman were able to get through dimensions while there were larger problems for him to deal with, and the first victim was Jackson Lake and his family. They killed his wife and stole his son before he used the infostamp to escape, but the discharge overwhelmed Jackson’s mind with information about the Doctor. They discover more children being captured. The Doctor returns the infostamp to the Cybermen so they know who the real Doctor is. Jackson uses another infostamp to destroy them. The lady helping the Cybermen is furious and tells them the CyberKing will rise. Jackson says the Cybermen attacked his home, so they investigate and find an underground area where children are being used to crate energy for the CyberKing. The Doctor, Rosita, and Jackson get them out of there. Jackson is relieved to find his son among them. The CyberKing emerges, and the Doctor uses the airship to confront it. He uses the infostamp to make the lady who was helping the Cybermen realize what she has done. She destroys herself and the CyberKing. The Doctor sends them back into the dimensional void before their fall can destroy London. Jackson invites the Doctor to have Christmas dinner with himself and his son.


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