Babylon 5: Artifacts from Beyond the Rim

This book is amazing. No, it doesn’t have any actual scripts in it. What it does have are other amazing things that were found after all the other books were done. These amazing things include interviews, primarily with JMS from before The Gathering aired to The Legend of the Rangers. It includes interviews with Andreas Katsulas and Richard Biggs, possibly the last ones they did relating to B5. It includes notes for episodes that were never done. We have the original story notes for several episodes, including much of season 5. There are memos and notes for promotions, some of which were never seen. There are notes on the music, again at least one which was never seen. We’ve got Larry DiTillio’s character bible. We have some early artwork, mostly symbols and military patches and such. And we have the short write-up for the B5 movie that was never produced: The Memory of Shadows. Oh, and we get all of the four days of journal JMS actually kept while making B5. If you think your life is busy . . . Once again a must-have for fans!


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