Stargate SG1 Season 1

I am so glad I have picked this series up. It is a bit episodic, at least at this point. This is not a criticism per say. I enjoyed Star Trek in several of it’s incarnations back in the day. I speak from the standpoint of having Babylon 5 as my benchmark – a very arc driven show. However, even B5 started slow, and SG1 started pulling some exciting things together for the season finale. And yes, I confess I couldn’t leave it at that. I’ve already seen the first episode of season 2^^; What I love here are the characters. Jack is wonderful as the leader who may need a bit of polishing but has a heart of gold with unexpected depths. Daniel is equally good as a naive nerd with the courage of a lion when standing up for what he believes in. Sam is fun because she isn’t afraid to play with the boys, she’s tough and she’s smart without going overboard into unbelievability. Teal’c is amazingly human for an alien, and yet we never forget he is an alien.

Some favorite things from this season:

  • Daniel getting the first kiss of the show^^;
  • Jack standing up for Teal’c and becoming his friend.
  • Daniel’s house. (I want that many books!)
  • Thor’s hammer. Too bad they can’t make a portable one.
  • All the guys getting brainwashed so the ladies have to save the day.
  • Meeting Teal’c’s family.
  • 2 Stargates on Earth!
  • Jack not believing he and Sam were engaged in an alternate dimension.
Apophis is still out there, ready to make trouble. I can hardly wait to see what kind of trouble our heroes can get into in season 2! One thing is for sure – the Stargate program is getting it’s funding back^^;

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