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Asked and Answered Part 3

In this volume JMS gets down into the nitty-gritty. He talks about costumes, special effects, sound design, and the writing process. He gives details on the various races, the ships, and technology portrayed on Babylon 5. He also tackles controversial topics such as religion, sex, and what he really thinks about Star Trek. Also included is a Babylon 5 timeline that covers all the major events from the production of The Gathering to the release of The Lost Tales.


Doctor Who Christmas Special (2011) The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe

The good news, the Doctor stops an alien ship from attacking Earth. The bad news, he is on it when it explodes. Somehow he gets a hold of a spacesuit and arrives in 1939 England and is found and helped by a kind lady named Madge (he has the helmet on backwards). Three years later, it is World War II and Madge and her two children, Lily and Cyril, are going to the country for Christmas (possibly longer) since it isn’t safe in London. She had just received news that her husband Reg who is in the RAF was killed while trying to get back to England, but she doesn’t want to tell the children until after Christmas. Who should meet them at their destination than the Doctor, wanting to repay Madge’s kindness to him earlier. At first she isn’t sure about him, but the children like him. He even has a special present which glows. Cyril sneaks in and opens the present – a portal to another dimension. The Doctor and Lily follow and later Madge does. This is supposed to be a safe world, full of trees and glowing lights and snow. Unfortunately, acid rain is coming to at least an area. The lights, or souls, are not happy about this and so they build a tower of wood. Of course that isn’t enough. Not even a metal walker left by three workers Madge runs into is enough. There are two wooden figures that can communicate with the Doctor. They have a circle that will let the souls enter that person who will act as a vessel. Only Cyril is too week and surprisingly so is the Doctor. Lily is stronger but still not strong enough. Only Madge, as a woman with motherly instinct, is strong enough. The souls enter her and part of the tower becomes a ship that is launched into the time vortex. At this point Madge needs to use her feelings of home to guide her back, but that brings up memories of her husband, including when he was killed. The souls are released into the time vortex, and they arrive safely at home. Interestingly enough, Madge also manages to guide her husband back to land as well so he ends up not being killed. The Doctor tries to sneak off, but Madge catches him and when she hears he doesn’t plan on visiting his friends for Christmas she tells him too. So he ends up at Rory and Amy’s doorstep for Christmas after all. He also cries a tear of joy at being with them, probably the first one in a very long time, something that he mentioned earlier is very human.