Doctor Who 2009 Easter Special: Planet of the Dead

A gal named Lady Christina pulls off a heist in the modern time. I think she does it just for the thrills. Who should she run into on the bus she gets on to while getting away than the Doctor? He is tracking a wormhole, which lo and behold they shortly go through. They find themselves on a desert world. The bus driver tries to go back through the wormhole, but he is killed. Seems the bus protected them going through. Of course now the bus is damaged. The bus driver’s skeleton is found by police who contact UNIT. The Doctor gets into contact with UNIT as well. There are a number of passengers besides the Doctor and Christina, including one lady who is psychic. Some of the passengers attempt to fix the bus while Christina and the Doctor go exploring and spot a coming storm. Actually the storm is caused by alien stingrays who crate wormholes to go from system to system and devour entire ecosystems. This is confirmed when the Doctor and Christina find some friendly aliens who were caused to crash land by the alien swarm. The Doctor fears the swarm’s next target will be Earth. When the leader of UNIT hears about this, the on site commander orders the wormhole shut, but the technician who the Doctor has primarily been talking with refuses. Christina meanwhile manages to retrieve a power source that will help get the bus running again, but in the process awakes some alien stingrays. The friendly aliens are killed and the Doctor and Christina barely make it back to the bus in time. He uses the crystal and a gold cup Christina stole to get the bus working again. The wormhole is shut as soon as the bus is through. A few stingrays get through, but nothing UNIT can’t handle. Christina wants to go with the Doctor but he refuses, having recently lost his companions. She is arrested but the Doctor covertly gives her a tiny hand with the sonic screwdriver to escape, much to the authorities’ distress. I think the Doctor likes her spirit^^; However, before he leaves the psychic lady tell him that his song is ending, that something is returning, and that he will knock four times.


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