Doctor Who 2009 Autumn Special: The Waters of Mars

The Doctor arrives at the first human outpost on Mars. He meets the crew lead by Captain Adelaide Brook. Unfortunately, the Doctor remembers this is the day the base was destroyed by a nuclear blast. The thing is, this disaster was directly responsible for spurring humanity further into space exploration. It is a fixed point in time and cannot be altered. However, he finds himself staying when Captain Brook is unable to contact anyone in the biodome. It turns out that the two crew members there have been infected by a water virus, causing them to release tons of water. Turns out one of the water filters to the glacier was not set properly and an alien race left the virus there. The Doctor and Captain Brook observe one of the infected crew and learn that they want to get to water-rich Earth, which they can’t allow. They seal the rest of the base off. Too bad water gets in way too easily. Captain Brook prepares to abandon base and forces the Doctor to tell what he knows. He leaves to go back to the TARDIS, but it is too late. The virus is loose again, including infecting their pilot. He destroys their shuttle before he completely succumbs, stranding the virus and the remaining uninfected crew members. Hearing their cries, the Doctor returns. Captain Brook sets the base for self-destruction. The Doctor uses a robotic dog to bring the TARDIS. He saves three of the crew who were uninfected, including Captain Brooks. They arrive on Earth in front of Captain Brooks’ home. She is quite upset. What gives the Doctor the right to interfere in what was supposed to happen? The Doctor really gets very prideful at this point. She goes into her home then kills herself, thus ensuring the same overall results would still happen. The Doctor sees a vision of an Ood and realizes he went to far. He goes into the TARDIS and hears knocking. He leaves before it reaches four . . .


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