Doctor Who 2009 Christmas/New Years Special: The End of Time (I & II)

So it turns out everyone on Earth is having nightmares they can’t remember – except for Wilfred. It is a nightmare of the Master’s laughter. He runs into a lady who talks a bit about the Doctor then disappears. The Doctor goes to visit the Ood who have summoned him. They too have been disturbed by these nightmares. More, they see a man and young lady the Doctor doesn’t recognize, Lucy (the Master’s human wife) and he sees that a ring survived the Master’s death. But according to the Ood there is more, something coming back – the end of time itself. At the prison where Lucy is she is brought before those humans who follow the Master and using some of the DNA from him left on her among other things they bring him back. However, Lucy is prepared for this and those who listened to her made a counter formula which destroys the prison. The man, Arrowsmith, and his daughter Abigail, are billionaires and see proof that the Master escaped. Meanwhile, Wilfred is worried and enlists his fellow senior citizens in hunting for the Doctor. The Doctor does arrive chasing after the Master whose body didn’t come back properly and is now literally burning itself up. The Master escapes just as Wilfred shows up. Wilfred is worried about the dreams. He is also worried about Donna who doesn’t remember the Doctor. He says Donna is engaged again.  The Doctor is very firm that she can’t remember him or her mind will overload. He also tells Wilfred about the prophecy of his death. He wonders how Wilfred keeps showing up. The Doctor goes off and finds the Master. They fight a bit and then they talk. The master constantly hears sounds in his head but the Doctor hears nothing until he links with the Master. No wonder the master is crazy. The Doctor tries to ask the Master for help but all the Master can think about is the noise. That is when they are found by Arrowsmith’s men and the Master is captured by then. The next day is Christmas. Wilfred sees the lady he saw at the beginning on the TV who tells him the only way to save the Doctor is for the Doctor to take up arms and also warns Wilfred not to tell the Doctor about her. Donna gave Wilfred a book by Arrowsmith for Christmas. Wilfred gets his gun. He hears the TARDIS and sneaks off to go help the Doctor. They go to the Arrowsmith estate. The Doctor hides the TARDIS. Inside, Arrowsmith shows the Master what he found from the ruins of Torchwood – an alien healing device that could give immortality. The Master agrees to get it to work. Unknown to anyone, two aliens who look like green cacti are there to salvage the machine. The Doctor discovers them and in asking about the machine realizes the Master plans to use it. The Doctor rushes upstairs but is too late – the Master gets to the machine and uses it not only to make his mind visible to everyone like it is in Wilfred’s nightmares, but to turn every human on the planet into himself. Wilfred is saved because the Doctor manages to get him into a sealed containment chamber that protects him. Far away, there are still Time Lords . . .

It is the last day of Gallifrey inside the Time Lock. The Lord President won’t accept this. He knows two children of Gallifrey survived – the Master and the Doctor. As a child he had planted a pattern in the Master’s mind so the Time Lock is not sealed. The President plans to use this mental link to get out. So now Wilfred and the Doctor are captured by the Master. Again the Doctor offers to try and help the Master be cured and he also asks the Master’s help to stop what is coming, but the Master thinks he is the prophecy. He also decides with everyone on the planet now having his mind, including the sound, they could follow it to its end. The cacti help the Doctor and Wilfred to escape to the basement and from there they escape to their salvage ship. The Doctor destroys the controls before the Master can track them and scrambles the telaport, cacti’s displeasure. Once the Master makes contact, the President sends to Earth a diamond, a five-point star only found on Gallifrey. Wilfred tries to convince the Doctor to take his gun, but the Doctor refuses. Then the Master contacts them telling the Doctor what he found. This drives the Doctor into action. He takes the gun. He activates the ship which he had already repaired. He sends the ship towards Earth, knowing that the Master will try to shoot it down. They make it over Arrowsmith’s mansion and the Doctor falls down to Earth, but it is too late. The Master has already used the diamond to make the link to Gallifrey physical. So Time Lords, including the President (who restores humanity), arrive – as does Gallifrey, and all the nightmare of the Time War on it. It turns out that the Time War drove the Time Lords collectively mad. They created horrible creatures. Finally, the President decided the only thing to do was for the Time Lords to ascend to a purely mental plain – in which process everything else would be destroyed. That is why the Doctor created the Time Lock. The Master is okay with this – until he learns that while the President used him he has no intention of taking the Master with him. By this time the Doctor has recovered enough to use Wilfred’s gun but he can’t decide whether to shoot the Master or the President. One of the Time Lords that hid her face shows it. It is the same woman Wilfred saw before. Seeing her saddens the Doctor but gives him resolve to choose a third path – he destroys the mechanism that brought the Time Lords back. The President is about to kill the Doctor for this, but the Master attacks the President for all that was done to him. Earth is saved and somehow the Doctor survives. That is when he hears four knocks from Wilfred who trapped himself in the sealed room to get someone else out. The power source, nuclear in power, is now unstable – and will go directly into the chamber. The Doctor is anguished by this but then realizes he is starting to act like the other Time Lords and chooses to let Wilfred out and to be hit by the radiation. He starts to regenerate, but still has some time so he takes Wilfred home and promises to see him again. He then goes visiting people. He saves Martha and Mickie from a Soltairan sniper. He saves Sarah Jane’s son from being hit by a car. He introduces Captain Jack to the young sailor who survived the fall of the spaceship Titanic. He visits the book signing of the gal who wrote the story of her great-grandmother’s diary. This great-grandmother was the human he fell in love with while he was human right before World War I. He visits on Donna’s wedding day to give a present, though only Wilfred and Donna’s mother see him. He then goes to see Rose at New Years the year she first met him. The Doctor makes it back to the Tardis encouraged by the Ood  and the song of the Universe. Then reluctantly he regenerates. That is probably the reason why the TARDIS is damaged. The old Doctor is gone, a new Doctor has now taken his place . . .


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