Doctor Who Series 5 Episodes #1-3

The first episode is “The Eleventh Hour”. The newly regenerated Doctor is falling to Earth in a damaged TARDIS. He crash lands in the yard of a girl named Amelia who is worried about a crack in her wall. She is not really phased by the Doctor at all, even when he proves to be a picky eater. Who knew custard and fish sticks went together? She has no parents and lives with her aunt. He takes a look at the crack in the wall and they hear someone looking for Prisoner Zero. The Doctor opens the crack and they see a huge eye, the jailer, who asks about Prisoner Zero again. The Doctor closes the crack in the wall, but since the crack is really two points in time that were never supposed to meet, it still exists. The Doctor also feels like he is forgetting something, but is distracted by the TARDIS which is now clanging a warning bell. If the Doctor doesn’t go to space and fix it it will destroy itself. Amelia wants to come, but the Doctor says it is too dangerous but that he will be back in five minutes. Amelia packs her bag and waits. The Doctor returns a bit later than anticipated, knowing what he missed now, but gets hit by a cricket bat. He is confronted by a police woman. When the Doctor asks about Amelia she says Amelia doesn’t live there any more. The Doctor asks her how many rooms there are on the floor – five. But there are really six. One can only be seen out of the corner of the eye. The girl goes in the door against what the Doctor says. She finds his sonic screwdriver on a table in there. Yep, Prisoner Zero is in there and the policewoman flees the snakelike creature. What emerges after her is a man and his dog. A voice above from a spaceship tells Prisoner Zero to vacate the human residence or it will be destroyed. The doctor and the lady make it out of the house. It turns out the lady is not a policewoman – she is a kiss-a-gram. And she is Amy Pond – Amelia. The Doctor is twelve years late. The TARDIS is repairing and remodeling itself and won’t let the Doctor in. So the Doctor and Amy flee. The alien spaceship (or spaceships) is broadcasting on every channel. Prisoner Zero comes after the Doctor. He tries to get the alien’s attention with his sonic screwdriver, but it breaks before the aliens can find Prisoner Zero. Prisoner Zero escapes. The Doctor realizes the aliens plan to destroy Earth if they don’t get Prisoner Zero back in twenty minutes. He convinces Amy to believe in him that long.  Everyone sees the alien spaceship and is taking pictures of it – except for one young man who is a nurse. The Doctor asks him what he is taking pictures of and the guy, Rory, says he is taking pictures of people who are in the comma unit in the hospital but that he has seen walking around in broad daylight. Prisoner Zero can join the consciousness of those whose brains are not active and take their appearance and in this form registers as human. The Doctor tells Amy and Rory to get back to the hospital and get everyone out and he borrows a computer and plants a computer virus using Rory’s phone. He gets to the hospital just in time to save Rory and Amy who have been discovered by Prisoner Zero. At the command of the virus, everything in the world says zero. The path of the virus leads back to Rory’s phone, which has the images of all the forms Prisoner Zero can take. So Prisoner Zero takes young Amy’s form (with the Doctor) and Amy collapses. The Doctor tells Amy to picture Prisoner Zero the way she first saw it. Prisoner Zero copies this and is captured, but not before telling the Doctor that when Pandorica opens silence will fall. The Doctor then contacts the aliens to come talk with them and he basically gets after them for threatening a protected planet like Earth and scares them off by letting them know who he really is. The TARDIS key returns and the Doctor rushes off to go into it and go off. The Doctor returns – two years later now. He invites Amy with him this time. Amy agrees when she realizes he is lonely.

The second episode is “The Beast Below”. So the Doctor decides to take Amy several millenia into the future. The sun has grown too hot for Earth so the various nations constructed basically world ships to carry them away to a new home. The Doctor and Amy of course arrive on the British ship. However, not all is well there. People disappear. Secrets are kept, even from the queen (who the Doctor and Amy eventually meet – Queen Elizabeth X, or Queen Liz). There are no vibrations on a ship that is moving. Actually, in all fairness the people are allowed to know what is really going on, but most choose to forget. The rest are sent below. The Doctor and Amy encounter one girl whose friend was sent below. They investigate with her help and eventually the help of Queen Liz. In the end they are all taken below. The truth is the ship is being carried along by a star whale. They keep injuring the whale’s brain to get it to speed up or turn or whatever. The Doctor is about to make the whale a vegetable – better than being conscious of the pain and he can’t let everyone aboard die, but Amy stops him. She realizes based on the story of the star whale that it voluntarily came when it heard the cry of the children (it never harmed children, no matter its pain) and they don’t have to hurt it to get it to move. So the Doctor seems happy to have Amy with him. He gets a call from Winston Churchill. So it is to World War II England next. However, there is a crack on the worldship that matches the crack from Amy’s wall . . .

The third episode is “Victory of the Dalecks”. The Tardis really has issues with timing. The Doctor and Amy arrive three months late! Winston doesn’t mind. He wants to show off his latest weapon that will defeat the Nazis – ironsides. However, the Doctor recognizes them as Darleks. Only these Darleks seem quite passive. Winston of course just wants to win the war and doesn’t realize there are larger issues. Confusing everything is there is a professor who claims to have invented the ironsides and has detailed plans and everything. He also has plans for other things like getting up into space and forcefields to keep air in. One thing that concerns the Doctor is that Amy has no memory of the Darleks, even though they stole Earth and everyone saw it. The Doctor confronts the Darleks and this gives the Darleks what they want – proof from their greatest enemy of what they are. See, they have a ship hiding near by in space and it is capable of recreating the Darleks, but these injured Darleks are no longer considered pure. So the new Darleks are made, the old are destroyed. They shine light on London, exposing it to attack. Some RAF pilots go into space to attack. The Doctor, who is up there, manages to use the TARDIS to disable the shield. So the Darleks threaten to destroy Earth. The professor is really a robot and he has a bomb in him. So the Doctor is forced to stand down. He races back to Earth and he and Amy help the professor think human thoughts, especially of love, defusing the bomb. But the Darleks escape, much to the Doctor’s distress. Still, all ends well enough. The Doctor lets the professor live since he has human thoughts and emotions. And Churchill is left to endure the remainder of World War II. However, there is another crack like the one from Amy’s room . . .


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