Doctor Who Series 5 Episodes #4-5

The first episode is “The Time of Angels”. The Doctor gets a message from River Song, who he met once with Donna in his last incarnation while she is quite familiar with the Doctor. The Doctor and Amy go to rescue her. It turns out River is with an expedition of clerics who are investigating a spaceship crash. River was on the ship, but did not cause the crash. It turns out there is a weeping angel on the ship. The first thing that goes wrong is the Angel manages to infect a video of itself and trap Amy. Fortunately, she manages to stop the Angel and get out of the trailer. The biggest problem the expedition has is the fact that the ship crashed on a site full of statues. The only way to reach the ship is through the maze of statues. They divide into groups. Amy is still affected from having looked at the video of the angel. River and the Doctor realize that the race who built the statues had two heads, but all the statues have only one. They are all weeping angels. Meanwhile, several of the party have been killed by angels and the angels use the voice of one of them to talk with the Doctor. Basically, they want off the planet. Something scares them. And a Time Lord would be just what they need. The Doctor of course refuses. The party is trapped, but by this time they are underneath the ship and the Doctor has a plan . . .

The second episode is “Flesh and Stone”. The group jumps on the Doctor’s orders and the Doctor shoots the gravity control, getting them onto the ship. The angels follow and the Doctor orders them into the oxygen factory, a large area forested by trees. About this point the Doctor realizes that Amy just isn’t still affected by the angel, the angel is possessing her and killing her. He gets her to close her eyes which stops the countdown. The Doctor, River, commander, and several men go on ahead. Several stay behind with Amy. The  Doctor has an interesting conversation about trust with Amy. His party heads towards the main control room. It is revealed that River is a prisoner for killing someone and her work here may grant her a pardon. Meanwhile, the solders with Amy see a strange light. As they investigate, they not only disappear, only Amy can remember. Amy is left alone. River and the Doctor are also the only other survivors as well in the end. Amy opens her eyes to the light long enough to see it is like the crack in her room. The Doctor tells Amy over the communicator to come to him, explaining that it erases people through time. Hence why the angels are scared of it. He and River have determined the date of the crack’s center-point, but the only way to close it is either for the Doctor to sacrifice himself or for the Angels to get in there. Amy, with eyes closed, makes it only part way. Fortunately, River is able to telaport Amy the rest of the way. The Doctor has them all attach themselves to various things firmly and he switches the ship’s gravity so all the angels fall into the crack. This also deals with the angel in Amy. River is retrieved by more clerics. She tells the Doctor she killed the best man she ever knew and says they will meet again when Pandorica opens. In the TARDIS Amy asks to go home since there is something the Doctor should know – the next day is her wedding with Rory. However, she is now in love with the Doctor. . .


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