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Doctor Who Series 5 Episodes #6-7

The first episode is “The Vampires of Venice”. Amy has feelings for the Doctor. The Doctor isn’t comfortable with that at all on several levels, starting with the fact that she is supposed to marry Rory the next day! So he goes to crash Rory’s stag party and drags the two lovebirds off to romantic ancient Venice to get Amy to fall in love with Rory again. Only one problem – there are vampires in Venice! At least they look and act like vampires. The leader, a lady, runs a boarding school for girls who never go back to their families again. She apparently has a son. The Doctor and crew runs into a distraught father trying to get to his daughter. Amy talks them into having her enter the school. This doesn’t work so well since the vampires are actually aliens and it is fairly obvious to them what is going on. The Doctor and Rory break in. The girl whose father is looking for her also helps Amy escape but doesn’t herself. She is thrown into the river and eaten. The Doctor later talks to the head lady. She says her world was destroyed and only she and her sons survived so she is making daughters for her sons. The Doctor would be sympathetic – if she had been more sympathetic of her victims. Our heroes retreat to her father’s place. They are attacked there. Her father sacrifices himself to save the others and destroy the vampires, er, aliens. But it is too late. The head lady has started a machine which will drown Venice. Amy and Rory are attacked by her son. Between the two of them they kill him and their love is rekindled. Meanwhile, the Doctor confronts the lady. He figures out a way to switch her machine. Objecting to this, the two fight. In the process her gizmo that makes her look human is broken in the human setting. The Doctor stops the rain. Defeated and unable to change back she leaps into the water and is eaten.

The second episode is “Amy’s Choice”. This is a complicated episode. In half of it, Amy and Rory are married in an idyllic town and are expecting their first child. The Doctor comes for a visit. Life seems perfect. In the other half, Amy, Rory, and the Doctor are in the Tardis. They are confronted by someone who calls himself the Dream Lord. He wants them to decide which of the two worlds is real. Oh, and life-threatening situations arise in each. If they die in the dream they will wake but if they die in the real world they will die. In the town, it turns out the elderly people have been possessed by aliens and are killing everyone else. In the Tardis, the Tardis looses power and is headed towards a cold star in which it will crash soon. They go back and forth between the two possible realities. At one point the Dream Lord isolates Amy and tells her she has to choose between the Doctor and Rory. Who does she really love?  In the world where the elderly people possessed by aliens, Rory is killed. This makes Amy realize that she doesn’t want to live in a world where Rory is dead so she chooses the crashing Tardis world. There she and the Doctor wake up with Rory and the power comes back on. The Doctor flies the Tardis into the star. It turns out both worlds were not real. The culprit of this adventure was some sort of psychotropic dust. And yes, the Doctor knows who the Dream Lord is – himself, or rather a dark version of himself. So our heroes go off again. Only the Dream Lord is still there inside the Doctor . . .