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Echoes of All Our Conversations #1

This is an amazing series so far. First up is Peter Jurasik aka. Londo Molari whose signature graces this purple (very appropriate since in purple he is stunning) volume. He also included a note for the fans. He chose two quotes, one of which goes on a bookmark and another on a post card. As an extra a CD is included with an interview that is not transcribed in the book. The source of this book is a number of interviews done by Joe Nazzaro with the cast and crew over B5’s entire run. Yep, out of several dozen interviews, only two are with JMS. The rest are with everyone else. This volume covers many of the interviews done during the production of “The Gathering” and season one and prep for season two. It is interesting to see how some of these accounts compare to each other. For instance, it appears Catlin Brown has different ideas about Na’Toth than Larry DiTillio. Another interesting thing is that there was a bit of a question whether to start the series with “Midnight on the Firing Line” or “Soul Hunter”. There are lots of tidbits like that. We learn things about the actors and the crews such as what else they have worked on. For instance, I did not know that Julia Nickson was in Rambo or in Sidekicks. This is a great volume for any B5 fan.