Doctor Who Series 5 Episodes #8 & 9

The first episode is “The Hungry Earth”. Rory convinces Amy to keep their engagement ring on the TARDIS to keep it safe.Our heroes travel to a near future time when scientists are doing deep mining.  Interestingly enough, a guy went missing from the site without a trace. The guy’s father-in-law is worried, as is the main scientist, while the guys wife and son are worried about graves disappearing. Tremors happen and Amy gets sucked into the earth. The Doctor realizes that there are reptile-humans far underground and the drill woke them. The boy gets taken and the grandfather is stung by one of the reptile-humans, but they capture one. The Doctor decides to go underground to find Amy and negotiate. The others aren’t entirely happy with this. (Except Rory – he knows to listen to the Doctor by now.) The Doctor expects to find a small colony. He finds a whole civilization instead. Most of them are still in hibernation, but the drill set off the alarms and woke the warriors, who look down on humans and think the Earth is theirs.
The second episode is “Cold Blood”. The Doctor and the scientist are captured. The warrior leader wants to kill them. Fortunately, Amy and the first guy captured escape. The good news is that the reptile-human doctor is more reasonable than the warriors. He ends up waking up the leader. Negotiations begin between humans and reptile-humans. And yes, the boy is found and freed. The bad news is that the captured reptile-human goaded the wife into killing her. Realizing this means a probable attack by the reptile-humans, they rig the drill to destroy the underground oxygen supply. When the warrior leader realizes this, she wakes up the other warriors to attack the surface and she kills the reptile-human doctor. However, the main leader rigs things so most of the warriors go back into hibernation. He sets events in motion so that they will be sealed off from the surface. They will try again to be friends with humans in another thousand years. The grandfather decides to stay behind so he can be cured and the scientist decides to stay with him. The family races to the TARDIS before it is sealed. The others follow, but they see a crack in time again. The Doctor manages to pull something out of the crack. The warrior leader ends up shooting at the Doctor but hitting Rory. He dies and then his body starts to be absorbed by the crack. There is nothing the Doctor can do. Once on board, he tries to help Amy remember but a jolt in the TARDIS breaks her concentration. The Doctor later finds the engagement ring . . . The Doctor encourages the family to prepare humanity for their next encounter with their reptilian cousins. The Doctor looks at what he pulled out of the crack in time, and it is a piece from a clearly destroyed TARDIS . . .


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