Doctor Who Series 5 Episodes # 10-11

The first episode is “Vincent and the Doctor”. In this episode, Amy is down though she doesn’t know why. So the Doctor takes her to go see  Vincent van Gogh’s work in an art gallery. He sees an alien figure in a window and decides to investigate. Amy is amazed to meet Vincent. She is even more amazed to discover he wasn’t appreciated in his own time and he is a very troubled man. It also seems there have recently been some murders blamed on him. The Doctor figures it is the alien. Amy convinces Vincent to help. That night Amy is attacked by the alien which only Vincent can see. (It seems he can see a lot of things other people can’t.) He sketches what he saw for the Doctor who goes back to the TARDIS and gets a machine that will allow him to see the alien. The next day Vincent is distraught at first at the thought that the Doctor and Amy will leave him. However, he does agree still to help them and starts painting his picture. He spots the creature and the Doctor goes after it, followed by Amy and Vincent. Good thing too since he can spot the creature best. The doctor figures out the creature is blind, probably why it was abandoned. It ends up impaled on Vincent’s easel, much to the Doctor’s sorrow. It dies. That night Vincent describes to his visitors how he sees the world. The next day before leaving the Doctor and Amy take Vincent to the gallery where his work is and he hears the curator’s response to the Doctor’s question about what he thinks of van Gogh’s work. After taking him back to his time, Amy and the Doctor again return to the gallery, but nothing much has changed. Vincent still is  troubled and his life too short. The Doctor says they couldn’t undo everything but they did add good to his life, as demonstrated when a painting now has the inscription “to Amy”.

The second episode is “The Lodger”. For some reason, when the Doctor steps out of the TARDIS into the modern day, the blue box takes off with Amy still inside, leaving the Doctor stranded. One discrete visit to an ATM with the sonic screwdriver later, the Doctor next starts looking for a base of operations. He ends up taking a place with Craig, a normal guy who has a girlfriend but is shy. Craig at first likes the Doctor, but when the Doctor dominates in football (soccer) and sparks the interest of the girlfriend and encourages her to follow her dream of going to Africa, Craig is no longer so happy. Meanwhile, the Doctor manages to create a communications device. The reason the TARDIS acted the way it did is there is a temporal distortion in the area. The Doctor can’t use Time Lord equipment for the most part, so his room ends up looking quite interesting, as Craig notices when he comes to confront the Doctor. It turns out that people have been disappearing whenever they go up to the second story of Craig’s flat where supposedly another tenant lives. The girlfriend gets lured up there and the Doctor and Craig come to the rescue just in time. There never was a second story to Craig’s place. A ship crashed there and has been drawing people to try to pilot it, anyone who wants to escape their life. It recognizes the Doctor as an acceptable candidate, but the Doctor warns if he touches the controls it would destroy the solar system. He has Craig touch it since he doesn’t want to leave but stay with his girlfriend. The two reconcile and the three escape the ship. Craig gives the Doctor a key saying he can come by any time. The Doctor tells Amy to write the note that will lead him to Craig’s house. However, when she goes through his coat pockets looking for a pen she finds the ring Rory gave her . . .


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