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Doctor Who Series 5 Episodes #12-13

The first episode is “The Pandorica Opens”. Vincent van Gogh painted a picture of the Tardis exploding. It goes through a long chain into the future when River finds it. She then goes to the¬†coordinates indicated by the painting – Roman Britain. She leaves a message for the Doctor and he and Amy find her there posing as Cleopatra by Stonehedge. This coordinates is where the Pandorica is – a box made to confine the most dangerous being in the universe. Our heroes find a passage under Stonehedge leading to it. Amy asks the Doctor about the ring she found. He only says that it belonged to a friend and that nothing is truly forgotten. River warns that there is a signal broadcasting out everywhere from the Pandorica and that they will have company soon. River recruits the Roman legion nearby – lead by Rory. Meanwhile, Amy and the Doctor are attacked by a Cyberman but escape from him. When the Doctor discovers Rory he has no explanation for how he is there. Amy doesn’t remember him which is very distressing to Rory, but the Doctor tells him she will remember eventually. The Doctor’s enemies begin arriving and he buys time by getting them to argue about who has the best claim to kill him. Meanwhile he has River go for the Tardis, but someone takes her to Amy’s house in the present day. There River finds a book about Roman Britain and Pandorica. She warns the Doctor but before she can get back to him something takes over the Tardis again and sets it for self destruct with River trapped inside. Meanwhile, the Doctor’s enemies resolve their differences and corner him and put him in the Pandorica box – since they consider him to be the most dangerous person in the universe. The Tardis explodes and is destroying the universe, which they blame on the Doctor. Meanwhile, Amy finally remembers Rory, but he is a plastic human and whatever created takes control of him and he kills Amy.

The second episode is “The Big Bang”. Young Amy draws pictures of stars, but there are no stars in the night sky. Her aunt and teacher are worried about her. She receives a message to go to the national museum, which has the Pandorica and stone figures of the Doctor’s enemies. She hides and after everyone leaves touches the Pandorica, which opens to reveal – adult Amy. The Doctor had used the vortex time manipulator to go back in time to Rory. He hands over his sonic screwdriver and tells Rory how to open the Pandorica and also to put Amy in it since it will then heal her. Rory does so, and low and behold current day Doctor is free and Amy is in the Pandorica. However, it can’t be opened again until it comes in contact with Amy’s DNA. The Doctor jumps to the future when Amy is a little girl after agreeing to let Rory stay to keep watch over the Pandorica – and Amy. This may be the first time the Doctor respects Rory. So the Doctor sets up everything to get young Amy to the Museum. He also gets River from the exploding Tardis which has caused it to be in a time loop. We also learn that even from the beginning people around Amy had disappeared due to the crack and that was why he chose her as a companion. Only one problem – the Pandorica opening revived one of the Daleks who goes after our heroes. They elude him at first and run into a dying Doctor from the future and go to the top of the building where the Doctor looks at the sun – the Burning Tardis. Everyone has disappeared – even young Amy. They are all that is left. The Doctor is shot by the Dalek and he uses the time vortex manipulator and disappears. Next we see him he is back in the Pandorica. He is going to drive the Pandorica into the Tardis, thus starting a new big bang. However, he will be on the wrong side of it and will be erased. This is exactly what happens. And it turns out there have been several points during this season where the Doctor from this point has been the one actually speaking and acting. He keeps telling Amy to remember him, including young Amy – the story of a box so blue and the man inside it. Amy wakes up in the present day and it is her wedding day and everyone in her life is back. However, she senses something is missing. River drops off her diary and it triggers Amy’s memory and with that the Doctor is back. After all the festivities the Doctor is off to travel again and Amy and Rory decide to go with him. He wonders what it means the phrase people keep saying, “Silence will fall,” but then seems to forget about it . . .


Echoes of All our Conversations #3

In this red volume, we get a bookmark and postcard with quotes by Commander Susan Ivanova and it is signed by the actress who played her, Claudia Christian. This book covers the end of season two into well into season four when there was much uncertainty whether there would be a season 5. We get some interesting stories, including the strike, the change to a different CGI company, and Harlan Ellison’s take on the B5 project. We not only hear from some of our favorite regulars (and some not so regulars like Walter Koenig, Wayne Alexander, and Ed Wasser)), we hear from some of the guest stars like Turhan Bey and Majel Barrett Roddenberry. Another must have volume for fans.