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JMS Script Book #2.5

So back in JMS Script Book #2, they included the final version of the season 2 premier, “Points of Departure”. Usually, the script team would go for an earlier version, but thanks to a hard drive crash this was not possible for this episode – or so they thought. Fast forward several years and they somehow managed to find a copy of the original script. This book comes complete with a complete discussion of differences between scripts and the script itself is annotated indicating what was different from the final version. As a bonus, they managed to capture the audio of the original version and have included a complete storybook with pictures and dialog to go along with the CD. As another bonus, we get the original notes from JMS about both the Centauri trilogy and the Technomage trilogy of books. Oh, and in addition to the CD, we get another postcard and bookmark with quotes from the original version of “Points of Departure”. All in all, very fascinating! I can’t help but wonder what they will have for us next!


Echos of All Our Conversations #4

This time we are treated to some quotes from Delen and a message from Mira Furlan herself before we dive into the goodness of this book. Much of the book there is a sense of uncertainty as it  covers the period where no one knew whether B5 would be renewed for a fifth season or not. We get Claudia Christian’s perspective on not coming back for season 5 and everything that led to that. We also get interviews directly related to the first two TV movies, “Thirdspace” and “In the Beginning”. Many of the same people are interviewed, but there are some newcomers, especially Tracy Scoggins. We also get some insight into some reorganization of the CGI department. One of the funnest parts, for me at least, was to read the comments of the guest actors. Maybe it is just me, but it seemed to me there were more of those in this volume than some of the previous volumes. Again, photos of cast and crew are included.

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2012: The Snowmen

In an interesting contrast to the Christmas special two years ago, Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol: this time it is the Doctor who is grumpy around Christmas because Amy and Rory have left him. Not even the efforts of some friends who know exactly who he is helps, nor does being in Victorian England help. However, he is needed because a psychic snow has invaded the earth. It is alright now, but when it learns how to be human in snow form , well the human race doesn’t have a chance. A young woman named Clara runs into one of these snowmen at the same time she runs into the Doctor. He can’t erase her memory since then she won’t know how to defend herself against the snowmen. She ends up pulling the Doctor back into events against his will. It turns out that the snow has been using a man most of his life, reflecting back at him his darkest thoughts. It also seems it is really the Great Intelligence that is doing this. The Doctor gives in and decides to make Clara his companion – right before she is mortally wounded. Her tears and the tears of the family she works for save the day – the psychic snow reflects back their sorrow turning the snow into rain. She dies – but it turns out the Doctor has met her before. She was the same person who he met during his last encounter with the Daleks. He is determined to find her again . . .

Here are some observations. Grumpy Doctor isn’t much fun. Thank goodness for his friends – who are rather hillarious^^; Clara is great. I can’t wait to see more of her. Love the new look of the Tardis and the Doctor’s new wardrobe, though I wonder if he will modify it a bit now that he isn’t grumpy. This may be the best Christmas special yet for Doctor Who.