I love science fiction. Babylon 5 has for over ten years been my favorite science fiction show. Firefly/Serenity is something so odd that at first I wasn’t sure about it, but somehow all the different parts work. And Star Wars (the original trilogy, of course) is the first magical thing I ever saw. Star Trek has it’s moments. My favorites are the original series and Enterprise. The Next Generation was pretty good too. I will be reviewing episodes, movies, books, and more of all of these. One warning, I will be noting events that are crucial in later episodes.


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  1. Crash Addams on

    You may be interested to know that “Mr. Morden” aka Ed Wasser stars in a short called CONTINGENCY, Episode 1, as a corrupt and charming CIA agent.
    You can see it here.

    If you enjoy the short, we’d appreciate it if you
    would spread the word to other B5 and sci-fi fans.
    We can use the support.
    Please remember to rate the short and make any
    comments you feel appropriate.
    Thanks for your time and consideration.
    Crash Addams

  2. Dimbo_Sama on

    really? really you liked Enterprise?


    Yes, Babylon 5 love in the house. Best show ever. Without a doubt. I may have to start reading this blog…

    • sakuraember on

      Yes, I did enjoy Enterprise^^; If I ever get through blogging B5, I hope to eventually get to Star Trek, including Enterprise. Some day . . .

  3. mffanrodders on

    Yep, B5 has been the best thing on TV ever. This really needs to be brought back on to our screens. No love for Farscape?

    I’ve added this to my blog roll and check in.

    • sakuraember on

      Thanks for adding me! I’ve never actually seen Farscape. Maybe I should, but I still have other things to get to on my list . . . Stargate . . . Doctor Who . . . But who knows, I could get to it . . . someday . . .

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