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Introduction and Babylon 5: The Gathering

Hi, all. I have been a B5 fan for over ten years now, and am now on my fourth or fifth viewing of the series. I just began again, and will be including my thoughts and screencaps. There will be spoilers so you have been warned. Now, onto the fun part! I will start with the pilot, then the series, the movies, and finally the books. I will do only the cannon books. Then I will move onto Firefly/Serenity and Star Wars, my favorite movies, which will include some of the books. Finally, I may do Star Trek, my favorite series are the original and Enterprise, and The Next Generation isn’t too bad either. But we’ll see if I make it that far.

A lot was refined after The Gathering, but a lot was also established. One note, I started B5 relatively late (season 4) so I never saw the original version of the pilot. From what I understand, the TNT version is the official version anyway.

Just as Babylon 5 is ready to open, tragedy strikes. An attempt is made on the Vorlon ambassador’s life. Left in critical condition, the prime suspect is none other than the station’s Commander, Jefferson David Sinclair.

Yeah, this first episode is a mystery story. A very nice opening monologue by Londo Mollari.

In The Gathering, we are introduced to the B5 crew, a telepath, and the ambassadors. We are also introduced to key parts of how Babylon 5 works like rotation, the alien sector, and doors that slide sideways. We are also introduced to C and C, the gambling area, the gardens, and more.

Some highlights of the pilot include Delenn and Sinclair’s two conversations in the Zen garden, Sinclair mussing on the Battle of the Line, and Sinclair’s conversation with G’Kar on nanotechnology.

Some important plot points are set up in the pilot, none more important than the Battle of the Line. Also, the Centauri occupation of Narn and the consequent animosity between the two races is set up. The mystery of exactly what the Vorlons are is introduced. And we begin to get a sense of how restrictive Psi Corps is.

Ah, the lovely station. Whatever you can say now, the CGI on this was state of the art at the time.


Ambassador G’Kar of the Narn Regime smiling. And in this case, it means he is up to something.


Ambassador Londo Mollari of the Centauri Republic having fun loosing money at the casino again. To bad the fun times don’t last.


Lyta Alexander, resident telepath. Not much gets past this mind reader. She leaves, but later comes back.


The Zen garden, just because I love it.


Meet the Commander of the station, Jefferson David Sinclair. Friends call him Jeff. He represents the Earth Alliance.


Ambassador Delenn of the Minbari Federation. She has secrets, oh yes she does.


Lieutenant Commander Laurel Takashima. A great character, too bad she got replaced. Interesting too how her story line got split between Ivanova and Talia.


Michael Garibaldi, Chief of Security. Babylon 5 is his last chance. He and Sinclair are good friends and have known each other for years.


Sinclair ponders the Battle of the Line, an event that affected him profoundly. And what about the missing twenty-four hours from that last stand?


When danger threatens the station, Sinclair fights back. Usually in person, much to Garibaldi’s dismay.


Dr. Benjamin Kyle, chief doctor on board the station as he ponders the mysteries of the Vorlon. Another great character we wish could have stuck around more.


Sinclair and his latest girlfriend Carolyn Sykes. I guess she just couldn’t wait around for the Commander.


G’Kar has indigestion. Well, that’s what happens when you mess with the Commander. I wonder how long they did look for the nanobots that were supposed to be in him?


The ever mysterious Ambassador Kosh of the Vorlon Empire. What is behind that encounter suit?