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Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Season 1

Yep, I finally watched the first season. It was quite enjoyable. The graphics were good enough that usually you could forget you were watching graphics. It seems like they are strung together as mini-news documentaries about the Clone Wars. They also have a saying at the beginning of each episode. There are some arcs, but not all the stories are directly connected together. It is good to see our old friends. Anakin is still reckless, but I can finally see why he was considered such a great leader during this period. Obi-Wan is as cool a customer as ever. One nice aspect is the fact that we get a closer look at some of the other Jedi that we see but that don’t have much screen time in the movies, Jedi like Luminara Unduli, Kit Fisto, and Aayla Secura. Of course we get some time with Yoda, Mace Windu, Padme, C-3PO, R2D2, and Jar Jar Binks. We even get some Grievous action which starts to explain why he is so important in the third movie. Anakin even has a Padawan now, Ashoka. She is a good balance for him. A pity she isn’t around Anakin in the third movie. We also get to know some of the clone troopers, especially Cody and Rex.

And that, really, is the problem with this series. It isn’t a complaint. It is inevitable. Here we are being made to care about all of these people but we know what happens in the third movie, which makes everything that happened there devastatingly tragic. But I think that is rather the point.


Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor

Hi all. Sorry its been a while. I actually have some B5 reviews to do. I just haven’t gotten to them. . . Hopefully soon I can get back on track . . .

In the mean time, I just finished reading the latest Star Wars book: Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor. It was very enjoyable! Plenty of adventure and danger and all our favorite heroes are there and they act just as you would expect them to. I love the way Han has enormously long names for several of the characters: Luke is Luke I’m going after Vader and Palpatine alone (or something close to this)! Luke is a bit disillusioned, but after the events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, I guess you can’t blame him for having a lot to work through. Everyone gets a moment in the spotlight, even the droids.

This book takes place several months after the original trillogy and after The Truce at Brakura. An evil enemy, one of the Emperor’s hands named Shadowspawn, has been attacking the fledgling New Republic. Luke leads a force to deal with it. Of course Shadowspawn has laid a trap for the Jedi. Of course Han and Leia have to go after Luke.

But don’t think that this is just fluf. Their is a lot of talk about light and dark and what they mean, and we get a look at our hero’s images in the galaxy’s popular culture and what it means to them. It’s no surprise that Han takes that easier than Luke does^^;

This is a standalone book that doesn’t really affect the overall Star Wars univverse, but it sure is a fun romp. Highly recommended for fans and for non-fans who want something that will make them laugh.

Star Wars: A New Hope Manga

So I read Star Wars: A New Hope manga version recently. It takes four volumes, giving plenty of space to tell the story. Whatever you may think of manga style, it words well for star wars since it is so expressive. Han and Luke arguing about flying, Leia complimenting Han on his ship, Han and Luke talking about Leia are just some of the scenes that comes to mind. I almost thought I was watching the movie, not reading the story. Overall, a very enjoyable experience. Highly recommended for true Star Wars fans and for manga lovers.