Babylon 5: In the Shadow of Za’Ha’Dum

Sheridan learns what really happened to his wife when Mr. Morden shows up on Babylon 5. Ah new organization makes its presence felt on station.

Oh boy, this episode is another turning point, specifically for Sheridan’s character.

First, Narn refugees are flooding the station, causing problems. Sheridan has his people send them on as quickly as possible. The strain is particularly bad for Dr. Franklin, who has to deal with all the wounded. This is the first time we hear of him taking stims to keep going, though in this case Ivanova intervenes and makes him get some proper rest.

Mean while, Pierce Macabee is on station from the new Ministry of Peace to form the Nightwatch. This organization is supposed to keep an eye on dangerous actions, dangerous words, even dangerous thoughts. Zach Allen decides to join, figuring he could use fifty extra credits a week for doing what he does anyway. Talia is particularly invited to the organizational meeting, though it is left unclear how interested she is.

The main story, however revolves around Sheridan and Mr. Morden. Morden is on station with a message for Londo. Since Londo is back on Centauri Prime, Vir takes it. When Morden asks Vir what he wants, Vir tells him he wants to see Morden’s head as a pike as a warning that some favors come at too high a price. (Go Vir!) Mr. Morden isn’t amused.

Meanwhile, Garibaldi visits Sheridan, who is going through some of his wife’s effects, including complete information about the Icarus’s fateful trip. When Garibaldi sees the passenger manifest, he recognizes Mr. Morden as having passed through the station. Before Mr. Morden can leave the station this time, Sheridan has Garibaldi take Morden into custody. Sheridan wants to know what happened to the Icarus, what happened to his wife, and won’t let Mr. Morden go until he gets some answers. Garibaldi ends up resigning over this since treatment of prisoners is his direct responsibility and after ten hours of questioning Mr. Morden still hasn’t been charged. Zach temporarily takes charge. Ivanova also becomes concerned at Sheridan’s behavior. Vir then comes to request Mr. Morden’s release on behalf of the Centauri government, which arouses Sheridan’s suspicions even more. When Talia refuses to scan Morden without his consent, Sheridan tricks Talia into an unintentional scan, which is very painful for her. Yeah, Sheridan definately the slap he got from her. Finally, Kosh and Delenn show up also asking for Morden’s release. Sheridan refuses unless he gets answers. Delenn agrees.

Some of the most ancient creatures in the universe are the Shadows, which come out periodically and wreak havoc on all around them. The First Ones drove them back. But the First Ones eventually died or left beyond the Rim. A thousand years ago was the last time the Shadows attacked, and they were stopped by an alliance of Minbari and the last of the First Ones, the Vorlon. Which is why Kosh can’t leave his encounter suit, he would be recognized. As for what this has to do with Anna and the Icarus, they went to Za’ha’dum, homeworld of the Shadows, and woke them. When Sheridan asks if Anna could have survived like Morden, Delenn replies that those who would not serve the Shadows were killed. When Sheridan says this gives even more reason to keep Morden, Delenn replies that as long as the Shadows are building up their forces, they can prepare, but if they keep Morden, the Shadows will strike now while they are unprepared. He must choose the good of everyone over revenge. Sheridan later talks to Zach about a decision Winston Churchill made during World War II that was similarly difficult. When Sheridan hears noises from Morden’s cell, he tells Zach to search all spectrums for what is making the noise. Naturally, he sees Shadows. He decides to let Morden go. Garibaldi accepts his job back after a promise that Sheridan will never force him to resign again. Sheridan later talks to Kosh, saying he now wants to learn how to fight the Shadows.

Vir’s wish: to wave to Mr. Morden’s head on a pike.

Sheridan wants answers, and he wants them now.

Mr. Morden isn’t giving anything away.

Pierce Macabee is nothing if not charismatic.

Talia sees something she doesn’t like about Mr. Morden.

Delenn wants Mr. Morden released for the good of everyone.

Kosh shows Sheridan the truth.

The Icarus, on it’s fateful trip to Za’ha’dum.

The Shadows woken up.


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